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Like a lot of Americans, I am pretty broke right now. The pandemic plays a role, but there are a lot of other factors too. With the check promised in early January, I keep checking to see if there is any progress in Congress. Yes, I realize the words “progress in Congress” feel like an oxymoron sometimes. There is debate over how many different forms of relief to add to the bill. Should there be an extra bonus for kids? Should it address minimum wage? Accessibility to Covid-19 testing and vaccination efforts? Unemployment bonuses or extensions? …

a poem

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Photo by Vicky Yu on Unsplash

I never knew before
that I was meant to fly
Flying was for the birds,
the bees, kites, airplanes, and helicopters

I should remain grounded
One foot chained to an even track
a rail that keeps you
on the guided tour
at the museum

The chain pulls
the track moves under my feet
as soon as I want to stop
and take a closer look at what’s interesting
the track moves

Come along
stay with the group

And I trip a bit grab hold of the balance bar and keep moving one foot sliding with the track the…

and I am going to have to trip through life to get there

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Lately, I have been going through a lot of hard days. In one of the ADHD groups on Facebook, I made a comment about how ADHD can be like someone has knocked over a big bunch of folding chairs into my path. And as a person with ADHD, I have to get from point A to point B while dealing with those chairs in my path. One of my ADHD quirks is that I fixate on metaphors, and sometimes I follow them to the ends of the earth. In many cases, this is a positive. …

So don’t become some background noise… Queen — Radio, Ga Ga

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Photo by Fringer Cat on Unsplash

I am too old and heavy
with the weight of life
to fly on the coattails
of the dreams of the young
that stand in contrast to mine

Jewels and trinkets and shiny toys
were never my thing
This station of privilege
of better than
always leaves the broken
to pay a price they can’t afford.

I reach for the soul
Find the story,
nurse the wounds
Sing the song

I am not young
But I am not done
My song was stuck in the static too long

Boundaries Matter and Ours Need a LOT of Work

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Photo by Nima Sarram on Unsplash

There are many debates between Republicans and Democrats. Although I consider myself progressive, I do like to consider the other point of view, and sometimes there are aspects that even make a little bit of sense to me. One of these adages is that if a poor person has too much access to charity, it may hold them back. Welfare programs can perpetuate a victim mentality and keep the poor poor. It can make it harder to reach those “bootstraps” and rise. I will admit that at times this is true, but it is also not that simple.

The Bootstrap Debate

Back in…

a poem

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Photo by Kwang Mathurosemontri on Unsplash

Just before the Ides of March
we’ll see an hour stolen
by a thief in the night

Most will be sleeping
some awake to see their lives
skip a beat between two and three a.m.
and the hour is held in the vault of time
until next harvest
when it’s returned

For the long winter
we have waited in the dark
craved light past dinner
of leisurely evening walks in the fresh spring air

How we have longed to move forward
to have the light eclipse the darkness
our playdate with the sun

Gretchen Lee Bourquin obtained a…

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My Daisy as a puppy. Photo by author

I pace in a frenzy
A million thoughts, a million criticisms
Crashing my soul
Mistakes, regrets, expectations
That I can never measure up to

I need a moment of forgiveness
Of understanding
Something soft to cushion
The blow of life

And there she is
Nine pounds of fluff and heart
Back legs bouncing to balance
Front legs pawing at my calves
telling me to pick her up,
to pause.
Take a moment with something soft
That tables all the rest

And hold her there against my chest Perspective, clarity come between my breath and hers until it’s time to put…

No one is Putting a Wrench in My Hope

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Photo by Olga DeLawrence on Unsplash

I was prescribed two medications when I went to the doctor today. One is for my ADHD and the other for my anxiety and depression. I have been struggling with negative symptoms for a very long time. I have been uninsured and after months of butting my head against red tape, I finally got insurance back today. The ADHD one was started today to check for immediate side effects since it is a “new to me” medication. Then I will start the other in about a week. If either and/or both…

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Photo by Benjamin Carlson on Unsplash

It’s going to be beautiful
once you build it
packed moist sand you mold
like clay

It looks like a Princess Castle
with columns and windows
bridges and moats

And the dragon that lives in the sea

But the two of you
you and the dragon have an understanding
She can look at your masterpiece every day
So long as she doesn’t burn it down

Every time she sees it She can’t help but dance Pretend that she is the princess Invited to the ball And she twirls in the water To make the tide That pushes forward Swallows the…

Gretchen Lee Bourquin

I’m a MN writer battling my demons & learning to celebrate angels.

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