God forbid I have something go viral.

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My day job is as a self-employed content writer, with a splash of creative and personal writing on the side. It is not all as glamorous as you might expect. I am currently in rebuilding mode after having a tough time personally over the last few years. I am set up to have the first month where I pass $1,000 income in a month in a very long time. I have done a bit better in the past, earning almost twice that amount, and eventually, I believe I will be able to get…

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We hold our victories
In our hands like
Fireflies in glass jars
Admiring their glow
Dancing to the light
Like it's day

But darkness is daunting
We know the moment will come
When we must unscrew the lid
Let the lightning bugs blend
Into the night
while we inch forward through the black
Until the sun finally rises

for more on justice and light, try


Gretchen Lee Bourquin obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature/Creative Writing in another life, and worked in disability care, customer service, and education administration — and as a single mom of two, now grown, kids…

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When my grandson was born, I weaned off my medication. I moved from Minnesota to North Dakota for a year and lost my health insurance. I was helping my daughter while she was in school and the Adderall I was taking for my ADHD was making me feel irritable and I did not want that feeling around an infant. I was also on an antidepressant and meds for hypothyroidism. I had, and have, what I call “the trifecta,” ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

I loved helping with my grandson, but I felt isolated. The winter was long and icy in North…

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In all of 2020, I made exactly $33, and I joined in 2019. I’ve written about 2020 going down the tubes for me. I was trying to survive. I am glad to say 2021 has been a bit kinder. I am not getting rich, but it is still good to see improvement. In 2020 there was not a single month I made my $5 membership fee back. In each of the first three months of 2021, I have

January — $9

February — $14.86

March (as of the 29th) — $11.81

That’s over $35 — and there is still a…

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You spread your arms out
Lean back and fall
And I catch you
Over and over
Each time you sail
Less hesitant, less resistant
To gravity and all its force

Sometimes it takes more than trust
to make the catch

And I learn this
as my arms go numb
and my muscles become gel,
and we both tumble in a pile

We each take turns
trying to be strong
weakness winning time and time again
until we stop the dance and try
to catch ourselves

Even bent and bruised and broken I still wish I had a net that could…

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The last year or so has brought struggles for many, and the new presidential administration has offered various ways to help. Some promises are still being debated, including student loan forgiveness. It can be difficult to keep track of what legislation has actually passed, and what is still being debated.

Like many, I have a student loan in deferment, and after paying interest sporadically over the years, only to get behind during more difficult times, I would really live to see at least some of it forgiven, and the other day I got an email promising just that. It had…

May the Force Be With You

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Executive dysfunction is one of the trademarks of ADHD. Seriously, I should own a T-shirt with faeries and unicorns that says, “I’d rather be daydreaming.” But work that makes money is a necessity, and most of the time the magic of unicorns and faeries ends somewhere inside my head. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take advantage of a bit of fantasy when it comes to my productivity. For me, and a lot of other people with ADHD, this means working to some sort of music in order to stay on task and be more productive.

How Do We Measure Productivity?

In a traditional work…

A Poem

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In full chainmail armor
I feel like a robot
Like a soldier
Prepped for battle
En garde
With my needle-thin sword

In my mind
I am svelte, keen
Blending in
Like a ninja, unseen
Shadow walker
I'll emerge from the mist

My enemies can come at me
with Katanas, machetes, and chainsaws.
They are no match for my pointy stick
my fancy footwork
my sheer athletic prowess

But I wasn’t always this way
I sat on the floor
in the corner
with pillow shields
and safety goggles
Noise-canceling headphones
That couldn’t drown out the screams
in my own head


You are valuable. You are real. You are not a figment of anyone’s imagination.

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I have been writing for a while and those who pop in on my work, whether it is my poetry, an essay, a political piece, or something about mental health or the ADHD experience may be able to tell that I have had a hard time with my mental health.

After enduring the insurance runaround for months I finally was able to see a doctor that put me on ADHD and depression/anxiety medicine immediately. The medication is still building up in my system, but I’d say…

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The old me is on the floor
Crumpled in a ball
Like discarded newspaper
Like a used napkin with something red
And it’s not clear if it is ketchup
Or blood

For too long there was nothing
But blood and tears,
Tears in my soul and heart
Devoid of motivation
Crushed by the weight of the clouds

But yesterday the sun set
In a purple orange sky
and a bruise vanished into the horizon

The morning came
with bluer skies and bird songs
and I woke to a better day

Gretchen Lee Bourquin obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature/Creative Writing…

Gretchen Lee Bourquin

I’m a MN writer battling my demons & learning to celebrate angels. facebook.com/gretchenleewritermn/ twitter.com/gretchenlee instagram.com/gretchenleebourquin

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